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Claude Ribouillault of TRAD Magazine France

reviews Short Sharp Shanties Vol. 1 by John Short

A tremendous, brilliantly executed project based on the 60 shanties collected by Cecil Sharp in 1914 from John Short, a singer and sailor born in 1839. There is no attempt here to recreate the atmosphere on board ship, but a desire to entrust the musicians and singers with a heartfelt, simple rendering. This is an exciting first volume. The team of performers, well-versed in this type of repertoire, alternating songs in minor keys, chorus songs and laments, give a lively, powerful rendition of each of the songs. The accordion, concertina and violin accompaniments are simplicity itself, yet warm and fresh. A veritable feast which makes you look forward with anticipation to the rest of the project. And to another mine of songs to discover and sing.