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Kathy & Bob Drage of Around Kent Folk

reviews Heirlooms by Chris Sarjeant

Chris was the opening performer in the concert marquee at Broadstairs Folk Week 2012. He leamt most of these songs from his parents hence the title. He trained as a classical musician but has now returned to his folk roots. He found, in the guitar an instrument he could teach himself, free of the rigid structures he was used to in formal piano training. His voice is relaxed, almost meditative ideally suited to the traditional song. The arrangements are interesting and sensitive and allow the lyrics to dominate. We especially enjoyed 'Bonny Labouring Boy', 'Lord Marlborough', 'Our Ship Lies in Harbour', 'Rambling Robin', 'Streams of Lovely Nancy' and the cheekily sung 'Wanton Seed'. Instrumentals are 'AB Hornpipe/Mrs. Bolowski' (Kathryn Tickell) and the only non trad song 'Coal Not Dole' Kay Sutcliffe's reflections on the death of a coalmine.

The CD has a timeless quality and Chris is now receiving the wide acclaim he richly deserves for his singing and guitar playing