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Vic Smith of Sussex Folk Diary

reviews Won't You Come Away by Maggie Boyle

Another album from the outstanding London Irish singer; this one shows her repertoire reflecting her Irish parentage and her English birth.

Growing up in a metropolitan community that thrived on all aspects of its Celtic heritage, it is not surprising that Maggie was influenced by the great Oliver Mulligan with “Donal Òg”, “The Green Linnet” and “On Yonder” Hill all being learned from him. She includes some memorable modern songs from Steve Ashley, Mick Ryan, her son Joe and it is good to hear “Old Man’s Retreat” from local songwriter Nick Burbridge included.

Maggie is well served by her accompanists here and Jon Boden’s spare, sombre fiddle is really notable but most praise should be saved for the contribution of Paul Downes. As well as being Maggie’s touring partner, Paul is present on every track except one - her remarkable take on “The Green Linnet - on mandocello and (mainly) guitar and he shows great skill and sensitivity throughout. Surely, there was a case for the album being under their joint names?