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Roy Harris of Taplas

reviews Look Out! by White Star Lineup

THE WRECK of the Titanic, probably the most famous shipwreck ever, occurred 100 years ago this April. Many of the crew came from Southampton and these CDs put together by White Star Line Up, a group of singers and instrumentalists from the Hampshire area tell the story in song. That it's powerful and poignant, is a tribute to the writers, Jeff Henry, Brian Hooper and Barry Wake, who have researched far and wide to give historical accuracy.

Opening with The Night the Ship Went Down, with its mention of Fred Fleet, a Southampton newspaper seller in the 1960s, who was the crew member who raised the alarm, being first to see the fateful iceberg. Different songs bring facets of the story to life the town's joy at the jobs the new ship brought and the deep sadness as the news of her fate came through, both expressed in Northamís List Parts 1 &2 The programme ends with Tears of the Angel and April in Southampton both showing that the past is just a memory away. This heart felt production deserves to be widely heard.