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Colin Andrews of Whats Afoot

reviews Look Out! by White Star Lineup

Though the idea of a folk musical based around the story of the Titanic and its connection to Southampton is quite inspirational. I had reservations that there would be sufficient inspiration to sustain the theme over a double album. On first hearing, I was still left with the same impression, as some of the songs seemed to be recycling similar content. However, on repeated playings, the album grows on one's consciousness and one can begin to appreciate the individual parts as well as the whole.

Like the series of `folk operas' from the pen of Mick Ryan and others, this album would be best appreciated in context, i.e. after having seen the whole production live, with the narration to link the songs together. Nevertheless, there is much to be enjoyed amongst the songs composed by Barry Wake, Jeff Henry and Brian Hooper, all members of the 10 strong White Star Line Up, There's good instrumental backing on the tracks, with fiddle, guitar, bass, banjo, whistle & percussion, used sympathetically to accompany the songs. No song has stood out above the rest as my particular favourite, but all are easy listening, and contribute well to the story.