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reviews Heirlooms by Chris Sarjeant

This is the first album by Chris, a re interpretation of 14 traditional folk songs and tunes many leant from his parents.

He has a soft, pleasant voice and plays guitar, harmonium and piano with accomplishment. Chris is accompanied by seven recognisable members of the Wildgoose musicians including Keith Kendrick, Jonny Dyer, Jackie Oates and Vicki Swan.

His finger picking guitar style is a little jazzy which suits tunes like I once loved a Maiden Fair, AB Hornpipe/Mrs Bulowski's, and his voice is best in ballads such as Farewell Dearest Nancy, but his arrangements of the well known robust tune, Lord Marlborough and Kay Sutcliffe's Coal not Dole don't seem to draw the best out of either to my taste. However his `Our Ship Lies in Harbour is much more lively and probably my favourite. Listen for yourself