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of Around Kent Folk

reviews Floating Verses by Mary Humphreys & Anahata

Mary & Anahata play English and Anglo concertinas, banjo, cello and various melodeons. They specialise in finding unusual varients of songs and tunes from the English tradition. Therefore a lot of research has gone into this CD but it well rewards them.
Mary has a strong voice that at times can be very beguiling and bewitching. The first song we ever heard her sing was Brigg Fair ? spinetingling ? we were stunned.
From Green Grows the Laurel; Prickly Gush. Cambridge May Song; Searching for Lambs; Waly Walyto
Blow the Candles Out (my granddad used to sing it) this CD is a transport of discovery and delight, interspersed with instrumentals -Geld Him, Lasses, Geld Him! Various hornpipes - Whitefriars; Sportsman Tom Fowler, all played skilfully and with vitality. Anahata delights in playing and his snippets of Morris tunes in prickly bush are in keeping with the song. Copious notes are informative.