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Derek Gifford of Folk Northwest

reviews Short Sharp Shanties Vol. 2 by John Short

This is the second of three volumes of the songs collected from John Short a Watchet sailor as part of the collaborative project between Song & Ale Projects and Wild Goose. I reviewed Volume One in the previous FolkNW.

From hearing the opening track 'Rowler Bowler' sung with great gusto by Barbara Brown I knew that this second volume was going to be at least as good as the first one if not better.
The artistes are the same team viz: Jim Mageean, Jeff Warner, Keith Kendrick, Jackie Oates, Roger Watson, Sam Lee, Brian Willoughby, Tom Brown, Barbara Brown with producer and recording engineer Doug Bailey doing his bit in front of the microphone too.
As before this represents an excellent performance of a collection of interestingly different versions of well known shanties and sea songs including the likes of 'Roll and Go', 'Haul On The Bowline', 'Santy Anna', 'One More Day', 'A-Roving' etc. There are also a number of lesser known songs such as 'Huckleberry Hunting' and 'Knock a Man Down'.
As before comprehensive sleeve notes on the songs and Hilary Bix's sleeve design makes the production presentation near perfect.

It really only needs me to say that if you've got volume one then this volume is a 'must have' too. If you are to complete this fine collection then the third and final volume is not too faraway from production. Can't wait!