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Lars Fahlin of Lira Musikmagasin

reviews Stones on the Ground by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Acoustic Folk Duo. What I like best about the duo Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer is as musicians and composers. Swan plays nyckelharpa with warmth and buoyancy, Scottish smallpipes and whistle with passion and drive and additionally multi-tracks the doubles bass un-shyly and sure. Dyer is a secure accompanist and soloist on guitar, accordion and piano. Their instrumental compositions are captivating, beautiful, swinging, serious, touching and impressive to say the least.

What I have a problem with, just like their previous album, is singer Jonny Dyer. He sounds sometimes a little tense. Better however is Herr Hillebrand and Proud Lena (performed in English), Lord Randall and especially the jolly number The Oxford and 'Ampton Railway, where he sounds more committed. Singer Vicki Swan, however, has a warm and natural tone that unfortunately sits in the background on Dyers song tracks, but comes to life in the Swedish song En Gång, performed in Swedish (Swan's mother is from Sweden).