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Vic Smith of the Folk Diary

reviews Stones on the Ground by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

More stones in the title of this album from Vicki and Jonny. This couple have been making a considerable impact in the last couple of years and this album shows why. The interesting selection of songs, ballads and dance tunes really hit the mark.
The tunes are largely composed by the pair of them and it is on these that the album is at its most exciting with Vicki's multi-instrumental talents to the fore. She shines on whatever instrument she plays here but it is the Scottish Smallpipes amd the Swedish nyckelharpa that really catch the ear. However it is a pair of sombre tunes by Jonny, The Cedar Fence and The Three Legged Rant that make the most memorable listening.
They are both interesting singers and their re-work versions of a broken token song and sing translated ballands from Scandinavian Sources.