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reviews Stones on the Ground by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

A collection of favourite songs from this talented multi-instrumentalist duo - nyckelharpa, Scottish small pipes, flute, whistle, double bass, guitar, accordion and piano. From the traditional songs 'Billy Boy', 'Broken Token' and 'Lord Randall' to self penned tunes 'Viggo's Vaggvisa (lullaby)', 'Emily's Waltz', 'Button Oak and 'Cedar Fence'. The 8 1/2 min. long 'Her Hillebrand & Proud Lena' is a major murder ballad and 'En gång' is sung in Swedish. On the insert it says 'Maybe folk songs are like stones. You pick up the ones you like, you arrange them together, you put them in your pocket and carry them for a while and then put them down or pass them on. Treated well, they will last forever'. Vicki & Johnny do treat all their material with care and are an absolute delight and joy to hear. See them at Broadstairs Folk Week.