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of Around Kent Folk

reviews Away in the West by Mick Ryan & Paul Downes

Superb singer and inspired songwriter Mick paired with talented multi-instrumentalist Paul gives the folk scene one of the finest dues ever. They both have a feel for the songs with voice and music blending together so well. The way Mick takes scenes of life and turns them into songs is truly incredible. Some of the songs are from Mick's folk operas - A Day's Work, The Voyage and the newest, The Pauper's Path. The there's 'The Bells Rang' inspired by the BBC programme The People's Century. Being invited to a singing weekend in South Armagh - travelling with trepidation, leaving in a different frame of mind. 'Upon A Field' - the lark being a symbol of permanence and freedom. The beautiful 'Love is life' written after the passing of his father and 'Fire Against the Cold' inspired by Brian Keenan's account of coping with solitary confinement. Songs you enjoy hearing again and again. See them at Broadstairs Folk Week.