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Tony O’Neill. of Shire Folk

reviews Dumnonia by Jim Causley

Dumnonia was the ancient home of the Dumnonii, a Celtic tribe who lived in the area now known as Devon during and after the Roman occupation and this CD presents a collection of lesser known Devonian songs and tunes, some local and specific to particular places and others versions of material to be found elsewhere. The overall feel of the CD is, however, very evocative of Devon.
Although I was familiar with the name I have never heard any of Jim’s performances before so I approached this CD with a little trepidation which was allayed on the first hearing, I have found it a very pleasant experience. I’m pleased to note that a comparatively young member of the Folk fraternity is taking some of his material from traditional sources.

In terms of value for money for this CD, this is a bargain, there are a whopping great 18 tracks! Which makes it all the more difficult to select any to comment individually on but if I had to pick a favourite it would be ‘The Earl of Totnes’, despite the slightly derogative comments about Ballads in the notes by Jim himself!

The CD presentation is striking with a fussy front cover featuring a map of Devon (Dumnonia?) with cream teas, cider, pixies and other Devonian trivia. However this fronts a booklet of informative notes by Jim presented in a fairly lighthearted way. The package can be obtained from Wild Goose’s website at and of course, from Jim at his gigs.