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Flos Headford of Shreds and Patches

reviews Tickled Pink by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

This fun-loving pair have been entertaining for a few years now, and the quality of their harmonising has matured to a pleasing degree. Nowhere is it better heard than on Braw Sailing, one of my favourite tunes, which they have double-tracked to achieve a deliciously lush velvety tone. Not a tone they use on the rather wicked In Praise of the Menopause, a satirically light-hearted
treatment for a troublesome part of life.

If there's one track where they show a little weakness, it's in their bravest venture, the Wife of Usher's Well which they tackle partly in unison voices -enough to test the finest of singers.

It's not all a capella though: there's some competent, unfussy single-guitar backing on about. half the numbers. In fact; the album is quite well-balanced, having comic, sentimental, historical and traditional songs well spread. Though, talking of spread, I don't know if the irony of following a paean to the corner sweetshop with a bouncy number about keep-fit was intentional.

Certainly their best to date; I rather enjoyed it.