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Mike Blair of Unicorn

reviews Tickled Pink by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

Lynne and Pat are a hugely entertaining live duo, who simply revel in being 'ladies of a certain age', and their unique blend of serious traditional singing and outrageous humour is reflected very well on this CD.

Traditional favourites such as "Green Grows the Laurel", "Rosemary Lane" and "Bonny George Campbell" are excellent, with great harmonies; and their more serious selfpenned songs, such as "Back in the Game" and "Small Fish" show great skill, though one song had me puzzled. Called "The Black Ship" on the sleeve notes, it was the "Big Ship" in performance - a trap for the reviewer, or merely a typo?

The shock for those unfamiliar with their sense of humour, however, is their frank coverage of 'women's things'. "In Praise of the Menopause" (hot flushes being preferable to cold feet), and the ultimate indignity of "The Smear Test", are brilliant- not to mention (as they do several times) the uncontrollable flatulence that can accompany advancing years! Shades of Victoria Wood, but would she have dared?

This selection achieves the almost impossible, in recalling their live performances, with thankfully only slight nods towards refinements possible in the studio. These include creating extra harmony tracks, and sparingly used contributions from Paul Sartin on fiddle and oboe.

If you like a dash of gynaecology with your music, this collection from the Cheeky Girls of folk will definitely appeal - but do see them live as well.

CD available via www.Wi] or Proper Music Distribution.