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Colin Cater of Mardles

reviews Tickled Pink by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

Another splendid effort from Wild Goose. Lynne and Pat have built a reputation in the last few years as one of the most entertaining duos travelling the club and festival circuit. How have they done this? Principally with thoughtful good singing and careful choice of material; increasingly with good song writing, focusing particularly on the unspeakabilities of the human condition, particularly for women as they pass through the prime of life. This compilation reflects their talents in full there are two or three traditional songs with unusual versions, particularly Bonnie George
Campbell, Rosemary Lane and Green Grows the Laurel.

Itís the self penned songs though that really catch the ear - fully modern in tone, using assonance and rhymes involving three or four syllables, dealing with subjects other singers might shy away from. Listen to Distant Rumblings (difficulties with the lower digestive tract - eat less wheat dear - why canít anyone just say Ďfartí), The Smear Test, Oxfam Girls (always hunting for another
bargain), In Praise of the Menopause and IMIMB (about the difficulties of seeking enlargement).

The whole CD brings a warm smile - itís not difficult to imagine Lynne and Pat on a much larger stage - echoes of Flanders and Swan though without the Hippopotamus. Some of the songs are more reflective: Back in the Game (about falling in love ...again), Small Fish, The Black Ship and Braw Sailing. Harmonies are stunning throughout, accompaniments (from Pat and from Paul Sartin) are both unobtrusive and well dispersed through the collection, so that what you hear will sound pretty much like they would be in a live gig. Smashing stuff, girls.