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Derek Gifford of Folk Northwest

reviews Tickled Pink by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

When this CD from Doug at Wild Goose dropped through the letter box for review my immediate thought was "Oh good! A chance to get back at Lynne for calling our group 'Three Shxts With The Wind' ". But of course, I wouldn't do that.. far too unprofessional and anyway I'd be doing her and Pat an injustice because this is a cracking CD.

There's a real mix of songs in this their 4th album with the inevitable feminist outlook in Lynne's songs of which the 'Oxfam Girls' is my favourite and 'The Smear Test' and 'In Praise of the Menopause' the most difficult to take. 'Distant Rumblings' is slightly more subtle and therefore in my opinion more amusing. In the words of Bob Kenwood as stated in the sleeve notes: 'No one else would have the nerve..' which aptly sums up Lynne's approach to song writing.

Not withstanding Lynne's contributions, Pat's talent at song writing is also showcased here with the delightfully poignant 'Back in the Game' and the highly amusing (but inappropriate for polite blokes) 'IMIMB' (I Must Increase My Bust). Her song for Cornishman Roger Bryant's 70th birthday bash 'Small Fish' is another gem. Also, her simple guitar work on a number of tracks adds to the variety of their performances.

Their rendition of 'Rosemary Lane' with their close harmonies is a classic and their slightly up tempo version of 'Green Grows the Laurel' with a lovely fiddle part from Paul Sartin (he of Bellowhead and the 'Wild Goose Mafia'!) is a refreshing change from the often dirge-like performances I've heard in sessions and singarounds. 'Time You Old Gypsy Man' is a new song to me as is 'Braw Sailing'. Lynne and Pat explain that they got the latter song from Brian Wescott but didn't know its origins. In fact I've since found out its a classic Scottish Bothy Ballad and there is a version in Ord's 'Bothy Songs and Ballads' first published in 1930. It's been recorded by Ossian and, more recently, Eileen McGann. Lynne and Pat's performance stands up well to these other renditions.

All in all this CD stands up well too and will no doubt be added to the collections of their many fans as well as folk who've not come across them before. Available from the lasses at their many gigs around the country and from the Wild Goose web site.