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John Blackburn. of Whats Afoot

reviews Looking Both Ways by George Papavgeris

George Papavgeris is one of the most prolific songwriters around. To see him in performance is to experience his warm , friendly personality, and his deep love and concern for his fellow human beings.
Many of Georgeís songs are based on his personal recollections and observations on life: this CD
is no exception. The songs in this compilation accurately reflect the title, Looking Both Ways
They look at both sides of a situation,the positive and negative, the long and the short, the right and the wrong.

His economical and unobtrusive guitar style complements the songs perfectly, and his choice of accompanists is impeccable, with Paul Sartin on oboe, fiddle and cor anglais, Pete Flood on percussion, Vicki Swann on double bass, whistle and nyckelharpe, Johnny Dyer on guitar, accordion and keyboards, with vocals beautifully supplemented by the Tindalls. The songs range in mood from The Miracle of Life a celebration of the wonderful things around us that we often take for granted, to Thieves of Innocence, a lament for the children who are forcibly used in armed conflict, to Street Life, which takes a very positive look at multiculturalism.

Georgeís songs are personal and thought provoking without the introspection and navelgazing that is often present in the work of some singer/songwriters. My personal favourite, Hills Above the City , has a catchy tune, and takes a look at the fact that distance lends enchantment. Each of the fourteen tracks has something of significance to say , and it would do George a great disservice to play this CD simply as background music. Buy it, and by really listening to these songs without distraction you will enjoy them more and more each time you hear them. Itís a great CD, demonstrating not only his songwriting ability, but also his musicianship, warmth and performing skills . It is surpassed only by a live performance from George.