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Vic Smith of fRoots

reviews no use in cryin' by Rattle on the Stovepipe

Pete Cooper and Dave Arthur have been around for decades but this album
shows that they still sing and play with an undiminished enthusiasm.
They present their traditional material that is carefully researched,
meticulously rehearsed, documented interestingly and performed with
great panache; it all adds up to a thoroughly satisfying album.

Two factors contribute to the group’s substantial development since
their previous album. One is the fact that they have developed into a
thoroughly integrated group; it should be remembered that the group
arose from the musicians that were accompanying Dave on a solo album.
The other is how well the style of the much younger new member of the
trio fits with the overall group sound. The sparkle of Dan Stewart’s
banjo on an unusual version of Sally In The Garden is one of many very
exciting moments on the album.
Another feature of the development is that the vocals are now shared
equally between Dave and Pete; the fact that everyone raves about Pete’s
fiddle playing should not obscure the fact that he is also a very
listenable singer and he finds a way to bring a new vitality to an old
standard, Willie Moore.

If there are some well known songs and tunes given an out of the
ordinary treatment, there is also a couple of particularly interestingly
different versions that Dave has managed to unearth, particularly an
Appalachian version of The Two Brothers.