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Ray Langton of EDS

reviews The Waiting by Issy & David Emeney with Kate Riaz

This is the second CD recorded by Issy, David and Kate on the WildGoose label, and it is delightful. Issy’s melodeon playing is fluent and distinctive, employing many runs across the rows that smooth out the ‘bounce’ that is normally associated with melodeons. This style is extremely well suited to song accompaniments and blends well with the vocals, guitar and cello to produce a rounded, mellow, totally-together sound.

The majority of the songs and tunes are written by Issy and are so strongly based on traditional style that it seems that they must have been around forever. These songs work so well that it seems a little strange to include, as the only ‘traditional’ song on the CD, a version of the well known song, ‘The Molecatcher’. I am sure there are many, many other traditional songs more worthy of Issy and David’s attentions than this one.

There are four of Issy’s own tunes on the CD; ‘Lark Rise’ a version of which was included on Ashley Hutchings’ Lark Rise Revisited album, ‘Little Agnes’, a tune written for her youngest daughter, ‘May to Midsummer’ and ‘The Reluctant Fiddler’, which forms part of the final track. All of these enable Issy to demonstrate her mastery of the instrument and her imaginative approach to composition.

David Emeney leads on several of the vocal tracks and also provides excellent, tasteful guitar and bouzouki accompaniment, while Kate Riaz’s cello playing knits everything together and their contribution does much to make this CD the success it is.

Look out for this trio this year, and make sure you go to hear them: you won’t be disappointed.