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Chris Yorkie Bartram of Shreds and Patches

reviews no use in cryin' by Rattle on the Stovepipe

Those of you with long memories or who have inherited great LPs from your parents will know that Dave Arthur, with his then wife, Toni, recorded some of the seminal albums of the 1960s "folk revival". Dave was also renowned as a researcher and writer on English song and folklore. He edited "English Dance and Song" the EFDSS magazine for twenty years. But he also toured and collected songs in America. And it is this aspect of his studies that has driven his more-recent ventures.

Pete Cooper spent some time in the 1970s living and playing in the Southern Appalachian mountains; accompanied Holly Tannen on her "Frosty Morning" 1979 LP; played with Tom Paley and later with Pete Stanley. He has, as they say, "paid his dues".

In 2003, together with Chris Moreton on guitar, they recorded a CD called "Return journey", a terrific collection of songs and tunes that are known in related forms on both sides of the Atlantic. This latest CD is another such collection and equally good. Here, instead of Moreton, we have Dan Stewart on guitar and banjo.

But, unlike many singers today (and many less-competent singers over the last 50 years), they do not present that awful "mid-Atlantic sound. Their singing - and playing has all the passion and tone of the old American backwoodsmen - without imitating the accent! I love it.

As is usually the case with WildGoose products, the accompanying notes are very interesting and informative. In fact, you can read those notes without buying the CD just look on the website. You will also find links there to other reviews, which will tell you much more about the individual tracks. I urge you to read them and then, while you're in the mood, order the CD online. You won't
regret it.