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Tom Bell-Richards of Shire Folk

reviews no use in cryin' by Rattle on the Stovepipe

Rattle on the Stovepipe are Pete Cooper - fiddle, Dave Arthur vocals, banjo, guitar, melodeon and Dan Stewart - guitar, banjo, and here they present Old Timey songs and tunes, with a few transatlantic influences. The songs tend towards that melancholy/bloody flavour that can make you wonder just what life was like before 1900! Pete Cooper is well known in the UK "fiddle world" both as player and teacher, and like the other members of this trio, he's totally internalised the Old Timey style, (to this English ear anyway.) Dave Arthur sings the first song "Short Jacket and white trousers" (from the cross-dressing-girl-at-sea genre!) in a straight English accent which could make you wonder about issues of "authenticity," but when it's all done as well as this, is it crucial to have grown up in a shack in the Appalachians? Well chosen tempos, liquid fiddling, rock steady banjo and subtle guitar backing make for an excellent cd, rounded off at the end with that great chorus song/shanty "Roll Alabama Roll." Good music for driving!