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Mick Tems of Taplas

reviews The Waiting by Issy & David Emeney with Kate Riaz

ISSY and David have beautifully captured this set with a performance that's original, unusual, mysterious, timeless and very heartwarming. They moved from Suffolk to Somerset six years ago, and Issy is prolific at writing tunes and songs. She's a nimble and light-fingered melodeon player - and I just love the sweet and mellow tones on her Castagnaris.

Her composing takes the lionesses' share on this delightful CD, with the title track, Lark Rise, The Three Men, The Gypsy Countess, Little Agnes and Bird Scarer's Song all impressing greatly. Written and traditional songs soon snuggle down together, David's confident guitar and Kate's spine-shivering cello giving them just the perfect lift-off.