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Brian Cope of Folk London

reviews The Waiting by Issy & David Emeney with Kate Riaz

I have not come across this trio before and having once listened to the C.D. I was quite surprised especially as this is not their first recording.

The CD is a mixture of tunes and songs either traditional or original material with a definite traditional feel. Of the eleven tracks two West Country songs `The Mole Catcher' and `The Gypsy Countess' are both given interesting arrangements, the former having a distinct country waltz flavour.

The remaining five songs are written by Issy and include a reworking of the Stanton Drew Story ? `The Three Men' and a traditional take on the fair maid on the shore theme which gives the CD its title `The Waiting' and the girl does just that. However she is provided with a really good chorus to help pass the time. It is often said that the best folk songs arise from tragedy and that is certainly the case here, for `Song.for a Young Man' a poignant true story about the sudden death of a teenager, stands out.
Issy is an able tune smith and it is not surprising that Ashley Hutchings has recorded a version of her composition 'Lark Rise'.

The vocals are shared equally between Issy and David and weaving in and out of some very strong and carefully crafted arrangements is Kate's Cello, helping establish a very distinctive sound.