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Maggie Moore of Mardles

reviews The Waiting by Issy & David Emeney with Kate Riaz

This is Issy and David's second album, and once again they have Kate Riaz accompanying them on cello. Originally from Suffolk, the couple moved to Somerset a few years ago with their 3 children. Issy has only been playing melodeon for 10 years or so, but has been composing her own tunes for most of that time. David, though, has been playing the guitar since he was a young lad of 7, and whilst still at school he formed his own rock band, who are still playing 35 years later with nearly the same line?up! Kate learnt the cello purely by chance, as there were no clarinets available at the school, whilst there did happen to be a cello at the back of the music cupboard!

All three musicians are very accomplished in what they bring to the tunes and songs. The whole feel of the album is gentle and relaxed, mystical and meditative, as its title might suggest. There is very good use of syncopation in some of the tunes and accompaniments but it is not overdone. The songs are well thought out and the guitar accompaniments are most sensitive: strong enough to give structure, but not overwhelming to all the lovely counter melodies. The cello is put to good use and Kate Riaz plays some really fast passages excellently. The melodeons and concertina are all quite dry?tuned which adds to the general soft and muted air of the whole.

Being a melodeon player myself, my favourite track is one of Issy's own tunes called May to Midsummer (which is the length of time it took her to complete the composition). I especially like this one (and Stan agreed!) because it is the most bouncy of all the tracks, and appealed to my yearning for a bit of "oooomph". Having said that, it's still in keeping with the general feel of the album, and is again quite a contemplative tune.

A well recorded and well crafted album. Well done all three.