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Colin Cater of Mardles

reviews Looking Both Ways by George Papavgeris

This album is produced to a splendidly high standard throughout, with excellent contributions from Vicki Swan and Johnny Dyer, Paul Sartin, Pete Flood and the Tindalls as backing singers supporting an original collection of George's songs all presented in an easy relaxed manner ? a sort of Anglo?Mediterranean fusion music.

In the last decade George has risen to prominence both as singer and writer. He's no mean musician either. Like many singer songwriters he mainstreams on a combination of politics and relationships, again easy to hear ? the sort of thing anyone might find themselves thinking, songs for the man in the street. But is it a good idea to listen to the words too closely? Do the writer's insights match the ease of presentation? George's politics appear very personal and it's often easier to identify what he doesn't like than what he actually stands for or believes in. In some of the 'issue' songs, particularly Daniel and Ayse and Thieves of Innocence life threatening situations are sold a long way short. But surely tolerance (Street Life) and love of life itself (Life's Dreams ? The art of Kite Flying) are things worth celebrating.

Is the trick with this album, and perhaps with the singer himself, to turn off the critical faculty and bask in the husky glow of emotions that many of us feel regularly in our ordinary everyday lives?