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Dai Jeffries of R2 (RocknReel)

reviews The Waiting by Issy & David Emeney with Kate Riaz

Issy and David Emeney are the sort of artists who, in better times, were the backbone of the folk club circuit. Both sing and Issy plays concertina and melodeon with David on guitar and bouzouki. Kate Riaz plays cello, which is integral to their sound.

The majority of the material is written by Issy. I infer this from the song notes but there are no composer credits, nor credits for designer or photographer. This seems to be a growing trend and I feel a campaign coming on. Issy’s songs are in a traditional vein: ‘The Waiting’ is a ‘broken token’ ballad with neither token nor happy ending and ‘The Bird Scarer’s Song’ is one that nobody felt the need for over the last few centuries.

Despite my misgivings about the concocting of faux-trad songs when there are so many great real ones, I rather enjoyed the album. Its highlight, ‘Song For A Young Man’, is a genuinely exceptional piece of writing that justifies The Waiting.