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Rees Wesson of Shreds and Patches

reviews Scatter Pipes by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Scottish Smallpipes and flute are the chosen instruments of Vicki Swan. Her mastery of these instruments is quite stunning. The smallpipes have a richer, fruitier sound than their Northumbrian cousins, bringing a new depth to this style of piping. She also adds some tasty double bass playing to several of the tracks. In fact, my favourite track ?Hector the Hero by J. Scott Skinner ? Vicki multitracks the pipes, flute and double bass. What a soundl Doug Bailey certainly got the production right on this one!
Most of the tunes were written by jonny Dyer. These are some of the best contemporary tunes in traditional style that I have heard for manys the moon. Have a look at their website and there you will find notation for all the tunes on this CD and more, ready to download. Ill certainly be learning a good few on the melodeon.
Jonny Dyer plays some great guitar and accordion parts, driving the tunes along with a relaxed but highly rhythmic accompaniment. He sings too, but not very well. The duos strength lies in the instrumental content. Simply programme out the songs and bingo, the best piping record for years.
Racing up and down the M5 from Wales to Sidmouth festival and back (several times) this was the CD that got the most repeat plays on the car stereo. Better than Red Bull!