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of Lira Swedish Magazine

reviews Gleowien by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Acoustic Folk Duo. The first impression one gets of the multi-instrumental duo Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer is a trace of musical touch of Kathryn Tickell. Swan plays Scottish smallpipes with Tickells speed and breeze, and Dyers accordion contributes with delightful counterpoint. But Swan and Dyer have more colours on their palette. Swans tune Fikavalsen, Skön Åsa and Norrahammarsvägen are clearly Swedish inspired melodies. And Swans nyckelharpa has both fine tone and exemplary smoothness.

Dyers songs are austere and styalized, whilst Swan sounds relaxed and natural. His follow me home is long, despite fine guitar playing. Whilst her sweet, lullaby-like The "Dood" Night Kiss, with the text from her grandads grandad (about his grandson), is the CDs best song track.

It is however as instrumentalists that they give me the largest impression. The pair of tunes The Revelstoke Wedding/Whist with a Twist (by Vicki Swan) lifts forwards both Dyers guitar playing and her uncriticiseable control of the Scottish Smallpipes. But the best track is Time Out, that consists of three funky bagpipe tunes written by Jonny Dyer.