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Holly Moors of Moors Magazine Netherlands

reviews Frost Bites by Belshazzar's Feast

On the one hand, I have a weakness for old fashioned British folk music, on the other hand, I have a pet hate of Chrsitmassy songs and the huge flood of Christmas-and December CDs, so that I usually let them pass me by. This slipped between the cracks to be honest because I did not take it to be a CD for "the holiday season".

I fell, above all, for the timeless quality of the music of the duo Belshazzar's Feast. Paul Hutchinson plays accordion, Paul Sartin sings (and his voice is in some hidden way totally timeless), and plays the Oboe, "cor anglais" and the violin. Old-fashioned folk, but played so well that the pure quality, and its power of persuasion ensure that this music is really for all times.