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Holly Moors of Moors Magazine Netherlands

reviews Looking Both Ways by George Papavgeris

For a singer/songwriter a guitar is no longer sufficient, if he really wants his songs to be shown in the best light. A good arrangement is then essential. George Papavgeris understands this well, because his arrangements truly add to his songs, and not just the instrumental arrangements, but also the polyphonic singing that makes the refreins of his beautiful, melodic songs so irresistible.

Papavgeris is a traveller, that seems to consider Europe his home country with England as his base nowadays. He began writing songs only seven years ago and made his first album only five years ago. This is his seventh album, and the second for Wild Goose, and also the first I have heard about, and I was immediately charmed by the man and his music. Warm, friendly songs, intelligent lyrics, beautiful arrangements with unusual instruments such as an Oboe, udu or a nyckelharpa and melodies that in a lovely way come to nestle in your head.

Highly recommended.