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Chris Mills of Shire Folk

reviews Scatter Pipes by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

The CD features the excellent Smallpipe playing of Vicki Swan, with some fine guitar backing and vocals from Jonny Dyer. The album starts well with a trio of Scottish tunes, Donald Mcleods Reel/Stornoway Castle/Sandy Duff, which moves along and gets your feet tapping. The mood changes on track two with a beautifully played pair of slow airs written by Jonny Dyer, The Willows and The Three Ashes. Vicki Dyer is clearly a very accomplished and complete player of the Smallpipes who can deliver both a precisely paced and well driven reel and a haunting slow air. The album features many more excellent pieces such as the trio of tunes Lament for the Lone Piper, written by Vicki, The Bulgarian Bandit, and Answers on a Postcard, written by Jonny. These last two tunes feature some high quality rhythm guitar to support the pipe playing. Theres also some fine flute from Vicki and songs from Jonny, including an original version of Seven Little Gypsies. A delightful album.