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David Warwick of EDS

reviews Generosity by Various Artists - Folk for MS

In 1990, an impressive line-up of performers, consisting of Vin Garbutt, Johnny Collins, Tim Laycock, The Berry Family and Footloose, performed a one-off fund-raising concert for Folk for MS, hosted by Roger Watson. As so often happens in these cases, it was such a success that they decided to hold another the following year, then another, then another, then … (repeat ad lib till it adds up to 19).

This CD (aptly named Generosity: all the performers give their services, live and recorded,for free) is a compilation of 20 tracks from the many and varied artists who have given of their time in the years since, and helped raise over £35,000 for this extremely worthy cause.

If you were on the folk version of Desert Island Discs you could easily find eight of your all-time favourite tracks from this album. It may be unfair to start picking out my own favourites as it’s an eclectic mix, and they’re all spectacularly good; but here goes. Barry Dransfield: ’I Once was a Fisherman’ (beautifully sung .. one of my favourite singers of all time); Dave Burland: ’The Rambling Sailor’; Roger Watson: ’Gilliver’; Johnny Coppin: ’Legacy’ (an absolute delight); Vin Garbutt: ’Absent Friends’; Tanglefoot: ’Loup Garou’; Cosmotheka: ’A Proper Cup of Coffee’ (not strictly folk but what the heck?); and Roy Bailey and John Kirkpatrick: ’New Frontier’.

I urge you not to buy this collection because all profits will be going to a good cause: the Folk for Multiple Sclerosis organisation; I recommend you to buy it because it’s a fantastic sampler of some of the finest bands, duos & solo performers of the past twenty years.