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Imogem ORourke of Taplas

reviews Frost Bites by Belshazzar's Feast

WITH the season-to-be-jolly only weeks away, many of us find ourselves engaged in seasonal nostalgic reflection. This festive selection of living historical snapshots will transport you yet further into the past with a delicious wintry chill. The origins of this sacred and secular mixture are cited in detail on the sleeve notes.

In keeping with this air of contemplation, this is more of an album for close listening than for stomping one's feet to, though the occasional sprightlier songs do bring a palpable lift. Paul Sartin's melodic embellishment is always a joy. He has a particular knack for both blending in and shining through. His tone and intonation are consistently spot on.

Although the arrangements are a little unadventurous, the focal point of the narrative sings out from a relatively uncluttered musical environment. Yule love it!