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Jonathan Roscoe of Shire Folk

reviews Generosity by Various Artists - Folk for MS

Over the last 20 years the Folk for Multiple Sclerosis organisation has raised over f35,000 from a series of concerts. "Generosity" gathers together some of those artists who have given their services at those concerts for free. This includes some well known folkie names, such as Jez Lowe, Vin Garbitt, Roy Bailey and John Kirkpartick and others that are probably only well known at their local folk club, but that isn't to doubt the ability on show and the sincerity of the project.

Most versions of folk are on display here. From unaccompanied singing to singer-songwriter fare, from sea shanties to the overtly political, the tracks range from the so-so and the ho hum to the, in some cases, very good. Particular favourites of mine are "Cape Cod Girls" by William Pint and Felicia Dale and "Adieu to Old England" by the Askew Sisters, but everybody will find something to like here - that's the beauty of compilations.

Folk for MS was born from a one off fund raising concert and here they are 20 years later still going strong.