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Kathy & Bob Drage of Around Kent Folk

reviews Gleowien by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Gleowien pronounced GLAY?OR?WE?EN, 'middle English for `to make music, to make merry'. This CD from the excellent Wild Goose label does that and more. We found ourselves mystically transported to misty woodland valleys whilst listening to the tunes. Scottish smallpipes, Swedish cittra and nyckelharpa, wooden flute, guitar and accordion all add their own ambience to the tunes and songs. A lovely combination.

The songs `Follow Me Home' (Dyer) ? you can almost hear the horses coming home from the fields. `Lord Ullin's Daughter' (lyrics Thomas Campbell, melody Dyer) a historical song of the road. `The Dood Night Kiss'? a poem written by Vicki's great, great grandfather about his grandson.
This is true folk music ? passed from one generation to the next. The CD insert quotes: `Exciting new tunes, ballads and songs, nuff said'.

Very, very true.