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Andy Stevens of EFN

reviews Gleowien by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

From the first skirl of the pipes this is evidently another excellent album of songs and tune set compositions from the renowned local duo. Vicky features both her Scottish smallpipes and Swedish nyckelharpa on this album, accompanied by Jonny on guitar and accordion. Both composers work with evident folk traditions, mainly celtic but with two Swedish style tune sets on this CD. Both musicians are strong singers. "William", the first of Jonny songs, is based on a well-known Child Ballad, but my favourite on the album is "The Roses Three" a quest-love song. The lyrics of Vicky's "Dood' Night Kiss", a Victorian type sentimental ballad were actually by and about her grandfathers. These songs are balanced by strong rhythmic piping tunes from Vicky supported by Jonny, and sometimes guest musicians.

A well-produced album from these talented musicians, well-known in local clubs and regional festivals, but who deserve better recognition nationally.