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Bryn Colvin of Thefolkmag

reviews Scatter Pipes by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Vicki and Jonny are two very talented musicians - he plays guitar and
accordion, she plays smallpipes, flute and double bass and they sing
wonderfully as well. Scatter Pipes is an album dominated by tunes - of the
11 tracks, only three are songs, which may discourage some, but even if
tunes arent usually your thing, this album still merits a listen. There is
a very good mix of material on the CD, with plenty of variety where mood and
melody are concerned.

Their performance is tight, with tunes and songs performed skilfully and
supported by sympathetic and very creative accompaniments. Theres some
traditional material, and some self-penned tunes, all of an excellent
quality. In the three songs, Vicki and Jonny prove to have appealing voices
and their talent for arrangements extends to some very good harmony singing.
The real highpoint of the CD for me is the song The Hares Lament, which is
beautiful and haunting.

There is a quality of lightness and delicacy to this album, the only word I
can think of that gets close to expressing its effect is to call it
graceful. I would certainly recommend it.