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Toby Freeman of Folk London

reviews Susie Fair by Maggie Sand and Sandragon

Everyone who reads Folk London or who comes to Sharp's is enthusiastic about traditional English Folk Music.

Maggie Sand and Sandragon play something very different to the style of music we are all used to. They have returned to the mediaeval roots using crumhorns, recorders, hurdy-gurdy, cittern and flutes to recreate a high energy sound which is truly splendid. These days, mediaeval and renaissance music is usually to be found in the rarefied atmosphere of Radio 3 or the concert hall. In the hands of Maggie Sand and Sandragon it once again becomes a living breathing thing.

I particularly like "Cob-a-Coaling", a song for Guy Fawkes night that comes from the Lancashire/Yorkshire border. “A Rosebud is June" and “The Banks of Sweet Mossum” are also quite lovely.

This is a fascinating CD distinguished particularly by the full exciting sound of the group of instrumentalists who have come together as Sandragon.