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Paul Ryan of The Folk Mag.

reviews Six by Two by The Askew Sisters

This is a short CD of six tracks by a young duo. Emily Askew plays fiddle
and her sister Hazel plays melodeon and sings. I liked them a lot and think
that quite a few clubs would be interested in booking this up and coming
act. On listening to all the tracks on this EP, what strikes me most is the
confidence and skill that both girls display in their playing, which belies
their young age. Tracks I particularly liked were Chasse Pain, this was
written by Giles Chabanet a hurdy gurdy player, and Hanter Dro, a Breton
dance tune. Sovay, using just the fiddle and voice, I thought was quite well
done as I have always thought it a difficult song to get across. It would be
nice to hear a complete CD just to see the range of material that they can