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Tom Bell-Richards of Shirefolk

reviews The Whitchurch Hornpipe by Neil Brookes and Tony Weatherall

The subtitle, "Dance & Popular music from 19th century Shropshire manuscripts played by Neil Brookes (fiddle, flute) and Tony Weatherall (melodeon.)" tells you pretty much all you need to know about this one!

A nice set of tunes, squarely within the English "melodeon" tradition. I can't say there were any tunes that made me think, "I must learn that" but they are very well played with just the right sort of upswing. They don't stomp crudely on the on-beat and they haven't gone overboard on the back-beat, the tunes are played "right" (and that's harder than it might seem!) For me the melodeon and fiddle sets that take up most of the cd work the best, plus a couple of tracks which include multi-tracked octave fiddle to give a "village band" feel.

There are notes about the tune sources and each set is cross referenced to source. Good old tunes, well played. There are surprisingly few recordings of music in this style that one can really recommend, but this is one.