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Dai Jeffries of Rock n Reel

reviews Sounding Now by The Claque

3 Star Rating

Lovers of unaccompanied harmony singing with long memories will revere the names of The Songwainers, Isca Fayre and Hollinmor, whose personnel included Dave Lowry, Sean O’ Shea, Tom Addison and Barry Lister –now together as The Claque.

The voices are older and deeper now but little else has changed and the record sounds rather quaint as a result. Some of the songs – ‘The Devil’s Questions’, ‘The Miller And His Sons’, ‘Drink, Puppy Drink’ and ‘Tom Of Bedlam’ - will be familiar, albeit in different forms. The latter is The Songwainers’ version taken at a slower pace than usual and with words I’ve not heard anywhere else. Other highlights are ‘The Goose And The Common’, part written by the late Martin Bloomer, and ‘Devoran Smugglers’.

Sounding Now won’t change the world but if it sends you into the loft to dig out those long-banished albums, it will have done a valuable job.