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Dai Jeffries of Rock n Reel

reviews The Food of Love by Belshazzar's Feast

4 Star Rating

Not a stop remains un-pulled out for this new offering from Paul Sartln and Paul Hutchinson, alias Belshazzar’s Feast. The lavish quadruple foldout pack with photographs by David Angel contains a new studio album and a live set.

Sartin, who splits his time with Faustus and Bellowhead, sings and plays fiddle and oboe while Hutchinson plays accordion. The material is an eclectic, not to say eccentric, selection mixing traditional songs and tunes with some Mark Knopfler and Simon Jeffes. A close reading of the sleeve notes may suggest that they are not taking this entirely seriously and ‘Rondo A La Turkey will convince you. Actually they do take it seriously but they have a good time while they’re doing it.

The best way to appreciate Belshazzar’s Feast is to hear them live. As you will have observed during ‘Music For A Found Harmonium, they delight in mixing up tunes, morphing one into another and making ’mistakes’. The first set on the live disc, ’Boda Waltz/Miss Love’s Waltz’, includes all three tricks and by the end you’ll be grinning hugely - and that’s without the Swanee whistle solo.

Fun for all the family and some wonderful playing, too.