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Delyth Jenkins of Taplas

reviews The Food of Love by Belshazzar's Feast

THE TWO Pauls, Sartin (violin, oboe and vocals) and Hutchinson (accordion), make up this dynamic duo with a feast of music radiating from England to various points in Europe. At times, Hutchinson's accordion bellows out the bass as powerfully as a church organ. At other times, his playing weaves impressively in and out of the melody, as in the elegant, stately and quintessentially English Mundesse Gathering Peascods.

The subject of ale and heavy drinking is often dealt with in a light and humorous way in the folk music tradition, but Dol thy Ale, with its words dating from mediaeval times, is a salutary tale about the dangers of heavy drinking, very convincingly performed, and sadly still ringing true today: But all is not doom and gloom! Rondo a la Turkey and their development of Music for a Found Harmonium give an idea of their musical humour.

This humour is given full vent in the second CD, recorded at a live performance. We are taken along on an often hilarious musical journey, marred only by a rather cheap throwaway anti?Welsh comment. Other than that, this music, whether live or in the studio, is, like good food, a tonic to the spirit.