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Danny Saunders of The Living Tradition

reviews The Whitchurch Hornpipe by Neil Brookes and Tony Weatherall

There would appear to be considerable interest in early English dance tunes at present. Several CDs of tunes from recently discovered or re?discovered manuscript tunes books have been released. The Whitchurch Hornpipe is just such a CD. All the tunes on the album are to be found in five books from North Shropshire dated between 1801 and 1837. Four of the books were compiled by members of the same family. Not all the tunes included are dance tunes; some have military connections from the time of the Napoleonic wars. Most are not found in any other source.

On The Whitchurch Hornpipe Neil Brookes plays fiddle, octave fiddle and wooden flute. Tony Weatherall plays melodeon. Both Neil and Tony are renowned musicians, their performing and arranging of this traditional material shows that they fully deserve this renown. Well produced with informative notes and attractive art work this is another little gem from Wild Goose Records.