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John McAlister of Lancashire Wakes

reviews Life's Eyes by George Papavgeris

George is a prolific songwriter - 180+ and counting. This is his seventh album, which gives you the idea of his output. His work is an interpretation of how he sees and experiences the world around and he is an accomplished user of the English language, despite his Greek origin. The songs range from personal to international protest, love to nostalgia. He uses the guitar (6 and 12 string) to ably accompany the songs and is accompanied by Vicki Swann and Jonny Dyer to good effect. George's singing is proficient and emotional but he does not have one of those instantly captivating voices; well, you can't have everything!

This is a CD you have to listen to many times to appreciate the skills of this word smith who is already being appreciated by other artists who are covering the songs. George has been on the circuit since 2001 and is making his mark. Kindly, the lyrics to his songs are on his website He must be good, he comes from Middlesex yet has toured Australia and they are booking him up North! He will appear at the Fylde Folk Festival on 1st & 2nd September if you want to catch one of the rising stars of folk music.