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Linda Knight of Whats Afoot

reviews The Food of Love by Belshazzar's Feast

Belshazzar's Feast is an opportunity to indulge yourself in the company of the very talented Paul Hutchinson and Paul Sartin.

The Two Pauls lead us to our seats at the table with two stately English tunes and settle us at our places with a song from the reedy voice of Paul Sartin. Then begins the feast with a couple of lively tunes, followed by the cautionary reminder of the consequences of imbibing too much ale ? the mournful song Dol Thy Ale That done we are restored to good cheer by a Rumanian dance courtesy of Bartok. The courses that follow are a selection of tasty dishes with some fabulous flavours, unexpected bites and subtle nuances. The meal is rounded off with a playful version of Music for a Found Harmonium ? what else would you expect ? leaving the diner replete but not stuffed. Which is just as well because there is more to follow; we can withdraw to the bar! and be gloriously entertained by the musical wit, and humour of the two P's.

If you havn't seen these two perform live then get out there and do it ? until then this recording will have to do!