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of Around Kent Folk

reviews All in a Garden Green by The Askew Sisters

Hazel & Emily, two young sisters who are happily taking the folk scene by storm. Melodeon & fiddle partner well together and combined with their warm womanly voices gives this CD a glorious feel. They have great respect for the tradition whilst showing full awareness of contemporary styles. The sheer enjoyment and obvious love for the music is infectious from 'Adieu to Old England', 'High Germany, 'Banks of Sweet Primroses' to tunes 'Horses Bransle', 'Blenheim House' and 'Unfortunate Tailor'. Equally happy with singing or playing, the unaccompanied 'Lovers Ghost' is perfect as is 'The Old Virginia Lowlands' and 'A Nobel Riddle Wisely Expounded'. Talent oozes from these lasses ? play, sing, study music, dance and play for morris, rapper sword and Appalachian sides.