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of Around Kent Folk

reviews Sounding Now by The Claque

Four voices, Dave Lowry, Tom Addison, Sean O'Shea and Barry Lister combined in powerful harmony and pure a'cappella singing. They delight in the energy of the 'shanty idiom' in former bargeman John Gay's 'Devoran Smugglers'. 'The Goose and the Common' about the early enclosures of common land for sheep. 'Farewell, Farewell from Padstow' ? a poignant song to put away the peace 'oss at the end of Mayday during the great war. 'Tom of Bedlam' sung to a slower tune. Good to hear of 'The Soldier's Return from the Wars' and then there's Flashman's galloping song 'Drink Puppy Drink'. Sometimes ribald but never distasteful, often heartbreaking and joyful. Four voices blending to bring warmth and harmony to the English tradition.