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TF of Folk London

reviews Fruits of the Earth by Jim Causley

Fruits of the Earth Jim Causley WGS 326CD Jim Causley has been the great discovery of the past couple of years. Winning prizes at the BBC Folk Olympics he has shot to the attention of everyone interested in traditional English Folk. This CD shows that all that attention was well deserved. It starts with a particularly fine version of John Barleycorn. Arscott of Tetcott is remarkable part hunting song, part ghost story. Apparently the Arscott family still live in the manor at Tetcott. Old Riverside is one of those songs about the girl who believed him when he said he would marry her, and was seduced betrayed and murdered. It follows the well worn folk path, the kicker of this version being that it is that it is voiced by the man who announces his intention of doing it all again. A song on behalf of the serial killer?good stuff. The Whimple Wassail comes from Jims village in East Devon once the home of Whiteways Cider, Splendid to be able to sing such fine songs from your own home. The Carnal and the Crane is a wonderful dark version of biblical happenings in the English countryside a sort of spooky carol. Yonders Hill is a wonderful sad tale of loss and rejection which 1 certainly have not heard before, it is gorgeous and deserves to be in the mainstream. This is a truly remarkable CD from a fine new singer it is I am sure the first of many CDs and great club performances to come. If you dont own this CD already the only remaining question is - Why Not?